Computer History
I am basically a computer geek. I love this stuff. I started out as a computer guy with my dad’s old CPM machine back in the 80’s and ran my own BBS on a 300 baud modem and an amber screen. Now… I am a news junkie, and consume multiple sources of media including TV News like CNN, HLN, Local News and more. Podcasts are my absolute favorite to keep up to date on most tech news by listening to CNET’s, TWIT Network, 5by5, TED Talks. As well as many Linux Ubuntu, Redhat, podcast that explore alternate distros.

I am not a programmer, although I did handcode a website with notepad from a template. I do know some Basic, and Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, and PHP, but I am a quick study and am running through the LISP program right now.

I can not count the number of computers that I have actually built. But I manage about 60-70on our remote access accounts.

I know ethernet, RJ-45, and telephony RJ-11 and coax cabling, as well as wireless networking, I have even done some moding to existing routers to set them up as repeaters. I run a Dual Wan Router for load balancing issues and am familiar with NAT tables and other LAN set up nomenclature, I know how to set up Samba Shares, and turn an old Box into a NAS, and I have set up multiple servers with HFS, LAMPP & WAMP stacks to create some pretty unique applications for delivering Newspaper Clippings, and video to our clients.

Operating Systems:
I know the following OS like the back of my hand, (WIN 3.11 LOL) Win 2003 Server, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, ubuntu and am beginning to learn Redhat, and Fedora and a couple of other flavors of Linux (puppy and DSL).

Social Networking
I have been a twitter user since the near beginning 2007, and have kept up with most all of the social networking trends. (google “videodred” and see what you find) I have utilized twitter and facebook for client service, sales, and support, I am familiar with dimdim, gotomeeting,, logmein, gotomypc, and many other sites and networks that have come and gone. I know the marketing and customer support value, and rode the groundswell of the Social Networking trend to the point where I helped coordinate MS Conference on Social Media, and have attended every MS Pubcamp so far and was one of the original members of the Jackson Social Media Club.

Oversee printing / scanning / OCR / FTP administration / website administration / CMR adminstration, installed wordpress and updated website / managed domains /
developed a complex excel spreadsheet for media measurement and analysis


Believe it or not I know what most of these are for and have at least half of them in my parts bin.


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